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How to Straighten Hair with Natural Ingredients

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hair straightening Straight hair is beautiful. It gives the appearance of shinier, silkier hair and can really give the look of sleeker facial features. For centuries, people have been using natural ingredients to straighten their hair. Although the invention of the straight iron was a good one, it also had draw backs because like chemicals, it causes stress on the hair that could lead to breakage.

Fortunately for those of us who want the look the natural way, there are some alternatives.

Combination of Coconut milk and Lemon juice:

You can use some natural ingredients to straighten your hair. One natural ingredient is a fresh extract of coconut milk. You can use a superb combination of coconut milk and lemon. Now squeeze the juice of one whole lemon and mix it with a full glass of the fresh coconut milk. Now keep the mixture in the refrigerator so that a creamy layer would…

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